Chic Cornrows

From the motherland of Africa to current day fashion trends, cornrows are a hair braiding style that continuously make for a statement look. The cultural trend has trickled up and hit the high fashion runways hard. We personally love seeing them in real life on everyday women. Cornrows are a great protective style and an easy maintainable look. Simple clean straight back braids or an intricate design doesn’t matter, put your style on it and rock it.  Check out the trending fashion statement in action below:

Cornrows Refinery 29
Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West out rocking cornrows
zendaya pfw cornrows
Zendaya at PFW
Zendaya Burberry Show
Zendaya at the Burberry Show
Oscar De la Renta
bottega veneta
Bottega Veneta








Credits: WGSN, Vogue, Celebbuzz, Refinery29

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