How to deal with mean people

You don’t. Ok I mean you do and you don’t per say. It’s all so complicated when the solution is deeper than the surface. More than eighty percent of the solution has to do with the way you allow yourself to feel. The mind is indeed a powerful thing and those who have a proven track record usually have no problem tackling these unforeseen mood busters. In fact, they are ready for any challenge because they can work efficiently and strategically.

As an aspiring *fashion gawd (a really powerful fashion contributor and also the name I gave some of the most noted fashion industry people including but not limited to Karl Lagerfeld, André Leon Talley, Anna Della Russo, Grace Coddington, Isabella Blow, Naomi Campbell and the list goes on) , I have encountered a number of different creatives in the industry. Some have now become life long friends, some a follow on the gram, and others were crazy as hell. From the broader scope of the journey, working in fashion has taught me so many valuable lessons about the business of fashion and so many other life skills. Fashion is art and art is therapeutic in the way it makes us think and analyze ideas.


Fashion isn’t for the faint of heart. One of the best things about working in this industry is it develops your networking and professional skills while keeping your mind sharp and accurate. It also helps you to grow thick skin. The key to fashion is detail. Luckily for moi, I was born with it but I digress I am not the only one.

Now back to the topic of mean people that no one cares about but yet somehow need to be addressed. As with anything that doesn’t serve me purpose in life, makes me unhappy or doesn’t grow me in any way; I let it go. A lot of times we give our valuables to people who actually don’t deserve shit. We’re here to help you take them back. In fact, you’ll never lose them to start. A huge part of caring for yourself is making sure you keep all the good vibes for yourself when you aren’t spreading them to others. Peace of mind is everything to me and without that I am not myself. So it is always super important for me to be able to know how to channel my energy and not be affected by other’s negativity. Not saying I’ve perfected it, but being consciously aware of your energy is important.

Self care includes preserving your energy.

First, be secure in your existence. Know that your triumphs and hardships are a part of your purpose. You have talent but that doesn’t excuse the process. Be confident in where you are in this chapter of your life and own it. Don’t allow others to come and tell you who you are or should be. You should be so in tuned with your journey that you trust it and know you are right where you are meant to be.

Next is from a quote that I came across on Instagram or maybe Twitter. “Never argue with a fool, people won’t know the difference between you two.” Now the way this works in real life is never argue with someone that you know doesn’t have your best interest. Why spend energy and time invested in something that doesn’t contribute to your growth or future successes. It may be difficult to believe but there are people in the world that get satisfaction from seeing others all worked up and unhappy. Misery loves company is a valid statement. Time is so precious and it’s one of the few things that truly yours. Don’t be ungrateful to time but rather gratuitous. Simply state your peace and let it go. Walk away even if you have to. The universe will acknowledge your good actions.

If either of these don’t work you can always have a heaux meet you outside! Which I highly disagree with so please don’t. #justajoke But seriously, be aware of your feelings and your existence and as master of your self, do not allow people to alter who you are.


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