Pink Fur

Fall is the perfect season to break out your fun and bold furs. If you don’t support animal furs there are so many faux furs that look better than the real thing. I personally enjoy faux furs because the possibilities are endless when it comes to the style and dyes. I think furs should be fun and bold. They’re the perfect statement piece and essentially if picked right will be something you’ll have for years to come. [Pictured above] I wanted to let this rose pink fur take the center stage as most furs should, and paired it with a soft ceramic grey mono tone look underneath. A silky blouse balances out the bulkiness of the fur and keeps you looking lean and sexy. This Fall every girl should have a stretchy tapered trouser. I mean what else do you pair your chunky sweaters with this Fall season. These pants are the perfect match to the ankle bootie boot which is a go to style for Fall shoes. The trick is to go for a chunkier heel so you’ll be able to last the day. And if all else fails keep a pair of flats at your desks and change right before you clock out. I won’t tell if you won’t. *Pinky promise*

Tell us how you’d rock your Fall fur this season?

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