The Miseducation of the Hyper-sexualization of the Woman Body

We have to be careful when we are imposing our own beliefs and or insecurities on to others. Just because you have a set way of life and being doesn’t mean that it’s good or will work for someone else. For example, I can choose to say that I don’t support X group. It doesn’t mean that X group is lesser than and it doesn’t even mean that my choice to not support them is the best option for the greater good. To top it off, I haven’t even given X group a fair chance. Instead I just stick to tradition and the way things have always been. This was a very difficult situation I just mapped out for you but that is how easy it can be to get caught up in projecting self related ideas onto others. If we are born naked? Then who came up with clothes?

Naturally I enjoy being naked, but in the comfort of my own home of course. Growing up my dad dressed my sister and I in clothing that could be described as “Tom-boy”. It wasn’t until I began to mature then I realized “Tom-boy” clothes were better than form fitting ones if you didn’t like attention. I was an active child. I took part in dance, cheerleading, track, and even the band for a while. My parents made sure I was partook in activities as a child that would set the foundation for the woman I am today. I didn’t realize it back then.

Being active as a child, I then grew a nice and fit shape. When these changes started to occur in my figure was when I noticed that I wouldn’t be able to wear the same things as someone who was less curvy. My parents were what some would say over protective. There wasn’t too much showing off clothing that my sister and I could wear on any day. As I grew older, I understood the situation better. In a sense my parents were protecting me from people who sexualized nudity. It’s so deeply rooted that this is the norm in Western culture and many other nation. This taboo has even spread across religions. Unclothed women are often thought of as loose and unholy. This is not true. Just because these are the standards society has put in place for us doesn’t mean that we have to continue with them. Nudity is natural. We come into the world this way. I support it, but I do know the wicked ways of the world. I just wish people would point the finger the right direction the next time a woman is wearing scantily clothes and is forced to have sex with someone. She deserved it or she asked for it is not okay as a reason ever.

It’s a happy feeling when one is so comfortable in their own skin and not subjected to the sin and judgement of others. My favorite is when the naked body is used as the canvas for the artist to create art. Could you imagine a world where instead of clothing people wore art? A ritual I would definitely take part in.

The naked body was never something that symbolized lust, disrespect, taking advantage or or anything of that matter. I’m curious where this behavior came about. Then I remembered that In the Bible, before Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden they moved about nakedly. When they were without sin, they were naked, but when they committed sin they were to be clothed. When you aren’t in a place truly value the human body, really take care of it and cherish it God steps in. I can’t pinpoint one thing over another to place the blame completely. Sometimes we are forced to accept things the way they are and ponder about them with friends.

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