The History Behind June : Black Music Month

June is the official month of Black American music. I know some people are ready to argue me down, but hear me out. Did you know it was Black people who came up with the idea of having not only Black music month but also establishing a Black American Music Association? Yup, including the amazing Dyanna Williams and the legendary Kenny Gamble in the videos below. Kenny was inspired by what they did in Texas with the Country music association and thought why not do the same for Black music. Dyanna was responsible for lobbying to get the bill signed after contacting the White House about the Black Music Association gala held at the White House times before. Apparently, President Jimmy Carter acknowledged the month but hadn’t officially signed so Clinton told Dyanna to get it the bill through Congress and signed. With the help of then Congressman Chaka Fattah and Dyanna, it was no easy task lobbying to get people in high up places to admit and acknowledge the influence of Black music, but Dyanna knew better. Eventually the bill was signed and Black Music Month . She is an amazing example of what we all can do and be to make a change to protect and preserve our culture. It’s not an easy task at hand but it is worth it for the preservation and celebration of black people and culture that has influenced the rest of the world. In honor of Black Music Month, I’ll be sharing some of my fav tunes on my Instagram stories @chanelbunny for the rest of the month. I would love for you to join in and feel free to tag me and Black music month. I will repost and share on my Instagram stories! I’m not certain if the association is still around, but Black music month is still in June and celebrates and remembers the rich history and legacy of Black music and Black history! Check out some more cool information on the legacy of Black music month below. Don’t forget to share, tag, and comment on my posts. Thanks guys. Stay blessed.

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