Friends with Benefits

Today was the perfect kind of Monday. I woke up and stuck to the status quo which usually includes saying my morning prayer, working out at home, and enjoying my homemade ginger tea. I swear it never gets old and its the perfect recipe for a great day. I was having lunch with a friend at a cute little cafe in Brooklyn, The Buren. The weather was lovely and so we enjoyed the small outdoor seating area. It was a cute and cozy location for my friend and I to catch up and share ideas. The perfect photo-op opportunity as well! LOL

At The Buren Brooklyn

Keep in mind The Buren is a cafe’. I would honestly go back for the coffee options. The location is the perfect chill spot to clear your mind or bring your work and get some things done. If I had to rate the food I would give it a 5 out of 10.

Chicken Sandwich, Avocado Toast, Mimosas

I ordered a chai latte with coconut milk. Okay, first of all I live for a creamy chai or matcha latte with right amount of sweetness and froth. This drink was all of that. I definitely could’ve just ordered a large size and been content, for what it’s worth. SN: Have you ever had a dirty chai latte? OMG. So good. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I had coffee. I think it was Jacqueline and Lizzy’s birthday dinner we were celebrating at Bar Pitti. Yes, it was ice cream with coffee poured over. Divine! Totally worth stimulating my nervous system. (So… bad do not follow me!)

At The Buren Brooklyn

Ok so I know why you’re here reading this blog. Either one because you love me and two you love me and want to know who I’m screwing, hence the title, “Friends with Benefits”. I’m so glad you came. No pun intended. Ashley is definitely one of my friends with benefits and not the only one. LOL. I am so grateful for sis because she benefits me not in the way some people may be thinking, but she is a great friend with many benefits. She’s honest, always tries to be her full self, and wants to grow and be better. I am truly inspired by my friends and thankful for the value I receive by being connected to them.

A graffiti mural in Brooklyn

I think to truly have a relationship with someone means taking time to communicate, building and pouring into one another. A lot of times we forget to make the real connections with the people we have closest to us and can’t fathom where we missed the steps. Part of me feels Drake when he said “No new friends”, but then part of me doesn’t want to put up walls and block people out just because. “Balance.” ! Basically, long story short; The family, friends, and people you currently have in your life are the relationships you have that you can either choose to build or choose to do nothing and be stagnant. But what doesn’t grow will surely die.

A graffiti in Brooklyn

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