Comfy Luxe #OOTD

Fall is for cozy fits, yummy drinks and food in pumpkin flavor, and of course playful rich jewel tones. That pretty much sums this look that I created up in a nutshell except I unfortunately was not drinking or eating anything pumpkin flavor. Sn. my boyfriend and I devoured pumpkin muffins recently, no shame and would do it again. If anyone is in New York, BJ’s has the best pastries, low-key though. I hope you guys are enjoying the season as the weather is transitioning. 2020 definitely ain’t over guys, so make sure you’re setting them goals and being intentional for the remainder of the year.

I turned a super casual, cozy sweatpants moment into a luxe but chill fashionable moment. How? Well, for starters, when going for a cozy but chic look this Fall, shoe choice is important. I got lucky with beautiful Fall New York weather, but opting for a gold strappy open toe sandal is truly a luxury here in the city. I will say heels are not the only way to elevate the cozy sweatpants, a nice platform tie up could give just the same elegance. When going for a cozy luxe look be sure to wear a more polished shoe to elevate the look. I suggest a mule, a loafer or brogue. You can certainly opt for boots just making sure they’re more dressy than not. And of course, a heel is sure to set this look off.

If you’re not sure if the top you’re wearing is dressy enough to elevate your outfit, then its probably not. Because sweatpants scream casual, it’s usually best to go full on dressy on top to elevate the look. I opted for this beautiful jacquard blazer which I got from Barney’s New York when I was the brand ambassador for their private label. I have to say I’ve experience a lot working in fashion, retail, and NYC. I am grateful for these experiences and learned a lot from them all. The most important thing I think I learned is that the roles you take on in your career do not define you. It’s always nice when you can take all your experiences and knowledge and then use it all to create a legacy for yourself, but I’m always open and willing to life’s experiences.

I love this little mini shopper from Telfar. It’s super chic and cute. The top handles fit right over the shoulders, so it adds a classy and kind of retro vibe to any look. Navy is elegant so its always a great option for a classy look. You can even opt for navy accessories at black tie events. I’m always down to support a black owned business doing amazing things. I love the fabric of the bag and also that its not leather.

So that’s pretty much the formula from turning a casual cozy look into a more streetwear elevated look. Make sure you wear a dressy shoe that compliments the look and has a dressy aesthetic. Go for a more dressy blouse, silk, button down top option to create a put together look. Don’t forget it’s Fall so layering is a great way to add depth and play around with colors and tones. I’ll say make sure the colors are rich tones so that you don’t have to wonder if they’re a good pairing. Not everyone has a stylist on speed-dial, and even your stylist should equip you with the resources to successfully dress yourself nicely for the day. I hope this inspires you to get comfy yet luxe this Fall. Create your #comfyluxe look and tag me on my Instagram @chanelbunnynyc . Also if you want outfit deets, follow me and check my latest post.

Stay well, Stay Blessed.


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