Nordstrom in New York City

Seven floors of better to luxury shopping. Bright white lights complement the beautiful rich colors and fabrics. I’ve always loved the edit from Nordstrom. They have really great buyers.

I was a little overwhelmed with so much product spread out all over the huge floors. The visual displays were abstract and cool. I wish there was more thought to create something more relatable for shoppers. Nonetheless they were eye catching. Maybe in such a critical climate, it could be nice to let go and forget about your worries while shopping.

Growing up in DC, I would love riding to the neighboring Pentagon City Mall to shop at Nordstrom with my family. There was a Macy’s there as well but something about Nordstrom I always preferred. Having a Nordstrom in New York feels like having a piece of home. Although now I am big on supporting small brands, I do think I will shop there from time to time.

There’s a really cool bar on the top floor. Who doesn’t like a little spirited shopping! With brick and mortar retail stores struggling, it will be interesting to see the business strategies rolled out to keep up with fast fashion and online retailers. The store is very close to Columbus circle on 57th and Broadway.

Sharing is Caring

“Sharing is caring.” I’ve literally came across two people within the last week who share similar feelings about not wanting to post to @Instagram and they’re freaking boss babes! Putting yourself out there( the world can be harsh) , sharing your private business (I’m very private and an introvert) , and even giving in to social media are all anxiety triggers for me personally. The older that I get and experience more, I am able to better cope and deal with my anxiety.
Being more open about talking to a therapist, being appreciative for loved ones support, writing out my goals weekly, prayer everyday are just a few tactics that have helped.
Be grateful for the journey. Realize how far you’ve come and be proud and also note that someone is inspired and watching you whether you choose to believe it or not. And not for nothing love yourself, trust yourself, believe in yourself. Don’t allow the opinions of others to sway or validate how you feel about self. Focus on your growth and success. Be so occupied with it that you don’t have time to indulge what people say!
Can’t wait to see what you guys share on your feed this #2020 !!! And if you need a stylist shoot me an email and let’s work! #lifestyledbycsbnyc

The Corner

As I sit in the corner and reflect over a beautiful New York skyline view, I am grateful for every thing. Spending time with a great friend catching up and enjoying each other’s positive vibes. This experience unconsciously reminding me of the woman I am today and the things that are important to me such as friendship and sisterhood. The views of the skyline encouraging me that the world is mine.

I’m currently rocking a vintage Versace pant suit with Fendi shoes and a jitney bag by Off White for another fun pop of color. First off let me say this was one of a few of my greatest finds at Barney’s. The tailoring of this suit as well as the fit is fantastic to say the least. The jitney bag by Off white was a pickup from who often has amazing sales on accessories and clothes. Hot pink is a beautiful color for summer and even a pop of color when paired with black and other neutrals. I personally took a risk, pairing the hot pink with the warm lime color. It paid off for a comfortable, feminine, not over the top sexy look that is perfect for day and a bold hue at night.

I paired the suit back to pink because I enjoy pops of color and fun bright looks. Color is not a go to for me on a day to day basis but I love color for a good time out with friends. I find wearing brighter and bolder hues to be a great way to boost my mood. I am so fine with a kitten heel. These Fendi ones feature and all over mesh and sculpted heel. They are super lightweight and comfy!

I truly believe the universe brought me to find these vintage Versace pieces. I was having a rough day at work adjusting to the horrible makeover dear beloved Barney’s had gotten. Big red signs everywhere telling of the latest news like a sad love song, “Good buys, then Goodbye”. Slowly the place was becoming more liquidation and less Barney’s. I decided to take a break from the sales floor to explore the other floors for clothing that was coming in from the other locations that closed and also from the warehouse since the online site shut down. (now rerouted to Saks)

Within minutes of my self care time, there they were hanging all alone. A two piece fitted Versace pantsuit in a warm lime color just perfect for my complexion. There was no price tag so I asked my manager about it and I promise you I did not break the bank at all. The price was under $100! #bestdayever #Versacehottie

Xoxoxo ,



I was ecstatic to join the Barneys flagship team. I even posted the news to my Insta. If you didn’t post it to Instagram, did it really happen? (So cliche and update I’m learning that I don’t need to post everything on social media) So as I relished in my new found glory getting the job as women’s private label brand ambassador, poor Barney’s was slowly falling to its fate. I just didn’t want to believe it to be true. As a fashion graduate, I had a special place in my heart for Barney’s. I read an amazing book about the Pressmans who were entrepreneurs just like a lot of us today. They started their business on selling men’s discounted suiting around to building it up to one of the worlds top luxury retailers. Many notable fashion events happened at Barney’s and we all know Barney’s was known for inclusivity, and supporting new fashion talent. If that isn’t an impressive, inspiring , commendable entrepreneur story then I don’t know what is.

I didn’t aspire to work in retail, but I did feel it was a vital part of gaining the skills I needed to be able to eventually start my own business. I was happy to take ownership and do whatever I could strategically, creatively and beyond to drive business and profit. Not to mention we had a fantastic team on the women’s designer fourth floor. I felt like my skills were valued and directly effective in driving a vital part of the Barney’s business as a whole. About 6 months in, my world turned upside down. Barneys was sold to the earliest and highest bidder after all, ABG Group, who actually have a strong portfolio. Those who followed along, know this is not who we the people wanted to win because ultimately, ABG group would close all Barney’s stores and then go to license out the Barney’s name with their first venture a shop in shop inside of Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store. 

Fast forward! The remaining flagship store on Madison Avenue is going through liquidation currently at 90% off. There isn’t much Barney’s inventory left but the liquidators hired by ABG group have brought in a number of brands that they work with to drive sales as much as possible. The situation is pretty bad at this point. 

I am grateful for the experience to have worked at Barney’s with amazing and talented people, some who even opened the flagship store on Madison Avenue some 20 odd years ago, still working today until the end. The last day is set to be the 23rd. It will be bittersweet. Barney’s is an iconic fashion institution and also a representation to the end of an era. 

Everyone is waiting to see if ABG group will have the abilities to revive such a landmark name. We will just have to wait and watch since the liquidation process hasn’t been pretty at all. 

Love Barney’s New York



SMART Goals in 2020

Create smart goals in the New Year. Everyone has their input on how they envision their new and improved self but are they actually equipped with the tools to support and execute. Don’t be discouraged if you set goals and suddenly delayed them until after the New Year. Step one to having success in your life is knowing that success looks different for everyone and that you don’t owe success to anyone but yourself. Now you may be wondering, what I mean when I say smart goals. Well the letters literally represent the meaning, S for specific, M for measurable, A for attainable, R for relevant and T for time bound. This simply means creating the guidelines and strategy for the goal that you want to achieve over a certain time period. It is important to do so because you will need a “rule book” or standard set that you will be able to keep in mind in order to diligently achieve your goals. I also suggest breaking your goals down to a timely basis so that you aren’t trying to achieve a ten-year goal in a one years’ time. Sometimes it may even help to assess your goals on a weekly basis and analyze your results to see if you need to change or create a new goal or etc. Be realistic. It’s perfectly okay if your goals aren’t nearly the same as your peers or those in your age bracket. Everyone’s journey is different and the moment you go to compare yourself to others is when you are distracted from the most important thing, yourself! Make sure that your goals align with what you’re trying to do for yourself. Don’t allow the influence of others goals make you feel like you aren’t achieving success. Some of my personal goals for the New Year are to work out at least two times a week for 30 mins to build my stamina, save at least $100 a week for 6 months, and so on. Your goals should be sacred to you so you don’t have to share them with others if you don’t feel comfortable. No explanation needed. Just create the blueprint and work towards your goals a little every day. You may lose track sometimes but having a strategy makes getting back on track a little easier. When you have a clear vision and recipe for success in your life, outside influences will have a hard time getting through to you.  The major key is to make sure you set yourself up with a strong foundation to begin. Good luck to everyone in the new decade and I wish you all major success! Whatever that looks like for you.




Support your people

Shopping with friends is fun, but supporting your friends who have their own businesses is an even more fulfilling act. I am thankful for the connections I’ve made with so many different talented people while living here in New York. The (5 closest people in your circle rule) well let’s just say, I have a solid number that I can count on my hand whom are phenomenal bad ass boss women (and men) in their own right. Whether it be their career, their hustle, or just their beautiful and genuine soul; I am super rich in friends.

(Left Tancee @eventsbytancee, Center Ashley @ashleydezarai)

My latest obsession has been shopping with my friends. My girl Skye has Jessie’s Vintage which is a curated shop of vintage finds. I’m not too fond of retail places with a lot of scattered goods but I do love a good find. Her shop always has something that catches my eye and that one piece that somehow I need in my life. It doesn’t make it any better that her prices are super reasonable and budget friendly for my budget.

(Accessories : Jessie’s Vintage Closet )

Lilith and Mary is another retail shop that I recently purchased from. I love the beautiful colors and intricate details of these nippies. I would say these nippies are not just a fashion statement but also a way to honor and celebrate your nipples. My girl Kennie runs the online shop and she is also an amazing writer who’s erotica stories always take me back to high school days sneaking and reading my moms Zane books. Yes she’s that good.

Lilith&Mary nipple covers

T.U.L.I.C hand painted art. My good friend Tahjay is a publicist for new talent and I came across this brand because her boyfriend is the founder. He has amazing talent and can customize any article of clothing you want. The options are endless and it’s a lovely unique one of a kind shopping experience. They work together as a family unit and I love watching them grow more and more their successes.

Support small businesses and even more important support your friends, people you know and can relate to you. It means so much more. The light you give out is also the light you shall receive in turn.



Spring Tings

In spring all things bloom. I was born September 24, yes the best sign a Libra, but back to the much lesser point. Lol. Spring is a lovely time of the year because all the flowers come out and make us happy and remind us of all the beautiful parts of life. In New York, the weather is nice but slightly cool at times so don’t leave your jackets at home.

Even not in full bloom these flowers in my neighborhood are beautiful. Spring is also perfect for hanging out at open venues ie. rooftops, outside seating, with a group of friends. One of my good friends had a birthday celebration on a rooftop in Brooklyn. I literally finished up at work on Madison Avenue and trained and ubered (judging) my way to the other side of where I live in Brooklyn.

We had a beautiful time. This is just one of the many photos that captured Ashley’s Bday celebration. The weather was perfect this day and the rum punch was on point as well as the mac and cheese. God bless the cook. I wore my work outfit which was really all alice + olivia with my new silk printed scarf from Fiorucci. Robots are printed on it and I’m kinda obsessed with printed scarf accessories these days. Just not this obsessed. Haha. Come on Mango.

Don’t get me wrong a good sale at Mango and you can find some gems. I find this printed scarf bag interesting and intriguing which I believe fashion should be as a form of art, but lest not lose practicality of functionality here people. This is clearly scarves stitched together. What exactly is this bag holding of mine without it getting damaged or ruined. But I did love the concept.