C$BNYC is a D.C. grown, New York established fashion styling services brand. Ashley Chanel created the brand because of her love of fashion and the power of story telling through wardrobe styling that leaves a lasting memory in the viewers mind. After earning her Bachelors of Business degree with a focus in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, she focused on her expertise of personal styling services and editorial styling and writing. Chanel has experience with beauty, editorial, personal, live events, as well as television and commercial styling. Before styling on her own she was a stylist apprentice and assistant for 4 years at a range of places from Patti Wilson Studio, Cosmopolitan magazine, pr showrooms, Macys’s Media, Daily Front Row brand ambassador and more. 

 Bunny Chat is her blog where she expresses creatively and freely on different topics concerning fashion, arts and culture, and well being of life. Her love of fashion and knowledge of the industry and market trends make her a highly sought after creative consultant. She likes to think she knows what is happening before “It’s happening!”.  The formula is simple to Chanel, always push the envelope of creativity, don’t look at what other people are doing, and always cultivate your God given talent because it is your purpose.

For inquiries email achanelperry@outlook.com 


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