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LDW Fashion

When my college girlfriend visited New York, I knew we were going to have the best time. It was Labor Day Weekend which meant an extra day on Monday to rest. I know seriously, I can’t hang. LOL. That weekend it would be four ladies, myself included, enjoying good vibes and food. We made reservations […]

Ways to Save Fashion

Fashion is something we all know and love. As brands grow to be more sustainable, consumers have more options to shop guilt-free. As we head into the Fall season and start to change our wardrobe, here are a few ways you can contribute to the sustainability of fashion. These are just a few that we […]

Nature Heals

Ever notice people in nature give reasons for being there like how they needed a break or wanted to get away and clear their mind. I thought this must be a common coping mechanism for many people including myself when I’m feeling triggered or overwhelmed, but apparently we are few. The average American spends 24 […]

Let Go of Labels Free Yourself

Have you ever thought what are labels? And what purpose do they really serve? Are they really transparent and honest when they’re labeling our goods in a retail store or is it just there to appease our minds? Do you even know who you’re buying from when you’re mindlessly shopping? I know I didn’t before, […]


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