Life Style Consultation – Style means nothing if you cannot relate. During the Life Style consultation, we will discuss what you want to achieve from working with a stylist. What your day to day activities are? What your short term and long term goals are? What holds the most value and importance in your life? The more open and honest the better the results of working with your stylist.

Closet Cleanup – As you progress through life and experience new chapters, you may realize that the things you used to love no longer serve you purpose. Maybe you’ve decided you want to be more of a minimalist and excess has cluttered your life. Whatever it is, a closet clean up may be necessary for you to receive the highest satisfaction from your wardrobe. We will work together in order to curate a selection that will make getting dressed easy, efficient, and fun for you.

Shopping Day – We will hit the best stores curated just for you or I will bring the fashion to you. I will help you to recognize areas of opportunity in order to add the most value to your wardrobe. We will replace and restock your core items and assess your lifestyle to add in statement pieces. This service is also included for any events or special occasions that you will celebrate.

Style Book – This is an additional service offered to clients after styling services to serve as a guide and inspiration. It is a tool utilized to empower and enable you to get dressed with confidence and ease.

Commercial – Editorial, Look Book, Beauty, Branding, Creative Direction, Events, Video, Model Cards, Marketing

Miscellaneous – Concierge, Alterations, Moodboard

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