Friends with Benefits

Today was the perfect kind of Monday. I woke up to my routine that I’d like to follow each day. Anytime I can do that, I know the day will be a good day because I’ve created space for positive vibes to dwell. I met up with my friend Ashley for a late lunch at The Buren in Brooklyn. It was a cute cafe and the perfect spot for catching up with a friend. I had avocado toast , a mimosa, and a chai latte with coconut milk to go. My friend had the chicken sandwich and I have to say it looked amazing!

Chai Latte with Coconut Milk

I know you’re like what’s up with the friends with benefits though. lol. Okay! Well when I say friends with benefits I mean friends that you can network with and the relationship you have together literally benefits your life in a positive way. Using your time wisely is so important and spending time with your friends is also important. Why not add value to your friendships by networking with your friends. Meeting up for lunch and bouncing ideas around, talking business, and pouring knowledge into each other. It’s cool to have friends to hang out but it’s even more dope to have friends that add value to your life. There’s a lot happening in the world and we really have to lean in to each other and use our own resources. Everything I have is everything I need. I’m truly just grateful for this time to be still and reset and recharge my life. There is really a silver lining in anything that happens to you in life and nothing lasts forever so embrace life as it comes. When you have to force it, it’s not for you. I am so grateful my friends are pretty much boss babes so it’s easy to connect with them on deeper topics. I have many friends with benefits!

After we chatted a bit about future business ventures, we decided to take a little stroll. Me being me I wanted to grab dinner because I didn’t plan to cook. We went to a nearby Caribbean place. On the way was a beautiful mural so that was a perfect photo opportunity. LOL. It’s never a bad time for a photo op. I love how photos hold memories and tell a story of a time before. We had a lovely day.

At The Buren Brooklyn
At The Buren Brooklyn
Mural in Brooklyn of Malcolm X, Nipsey Hussle, and more
Art Mural in Brooklyn

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