“Made in Africa”

I’m all for supporting Africa. After all it is the motherland and one of the worlds most rich in mineral and natural resources. Not to mention a rich culture that has existed for hundreds of years with traditions passed down from generation to generation. So why does Africa as a whole continue to struggle to have wealth and proper health care and basic necessities in some parts of Africa. It is unfortunate that people from other places come to Africa to steal resources all in the name of “helping” Africa. Everyone knows that being black is lit and popping but what it really means is that society continues to oppress black and brown people all while stealing and making a profit off the very things we possess. It’s a cyclical tragedy because without the proper access to resources and basic necessities many Africans can’t even think about progressive things such as starting a business or generational wealth because the burden is so much already. The propaganda that the government continues to push has even affected some Africans to the point where they see nothing wrong with a totally foreign person coming into their native land and set up business. One I’m sure they aren’t being paid the true value of their work and two once again people are stealing from Africa. Some would argue well at least they’re trying to help. But how is setting up a business in a place that you have no idea or history with helping Africa. It’s the same with how America is the land of opportunity but yet 80% of the population are workers not business owners and the student loan debt well over a trillion dollars. Just a mouse on a wheel powering a huge machine that you have not even the slightest idea how powerful it really is or how you could have a machine of your own! If you weren’t killing yourself to power another mans machine. The system is fucked up and it is a change that starts with us. Support small business support local businesses. You and your friends come up with a plan, put money up and together and make real business moves. There is not a shortage of money in the world. Money is man made so don’t let the 1% of wealthy people in the world fool you into thinking different.

But back to the topic at hand, is “Made in Africa” the new “Made in Italy” and if so who will hold the wheel that steers this ship. If it is not an African person then who is really benefiting and profiting off of Africa??? Comment your thoughts below.


Is time relative?

We now have access to people from all over the world in an instant moment. Whether it be through our phones, social media, or some app. It is quite intriguing to think that at one time in order to speak to someone halfway across the world you had to wait weeks. That’s just absurd I know. But these are real advancements in technology that we have to thank for these now everyday norms.

Do you use technology for work? How many hours of the day are you using your cell phone? These are questions that make you realize how instant time has become.

There’s really nothing in between you and accessing things that may or may not be “far” away. What I find most interesting is that with the prevalence of cell phones and technology there becomes a spill over of work life and personal life. I know that for me personally just because I left my work place for the day doesn’t mean that I stop communicating with clients. This is normal for me because fashion is so fast these days that I need to be two steps ahead always if I want to be a sought after wardrobe stylist. Now my clients are catching on and they will text me at any hour about fashion and items they want. Before there was this concept of an appropriate hour and being professional.

I think the more we continue to progress in technology the more fluid time will become. There will be no issue with emailing clients at 10pm on a Monday night. Nor will there be a problem with you texting your coworker at 11pm about a project you guys are working on together. Of course an immediate response won’t be required but the communication is there and ready for response at the other persons earliest convenience.

The idea of time sometimes will have you missing out on opportunities. Why not send that proposal of that great idea you came up with when it comes to you? Why wait for the appropriate hour and then potentially forget or worse lose the idea? Some people will say just draft it and send it during business hours. Okay so you write down the idea just before you go to sleep, you wake up and start your day. Things don’t go expected and you’re busy asf at work and the day goes by without you proposing that idea. Now it’s the next day, someone else has proposed a great idea and your boss loves it and you’re too late. I do believe like the quote says that “Time is of the essence”.

I think that the meaning of time gets misconstrued and is easy to take and make of it what you choose. One thing for sure time is precious and valuable. The time is now.

What are your thoughts about time?

All images taken at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC.