The Miseducation of the Hyper-sexualization of the Woman Body

We have to be careful when we are imposing our own beliefs and or insecurities on to others. Just because you have a set way of life and being doesn’t mean that it’s good or will work for someone else. For example, I can choose to say that I don’t support X group. It doesn’t mean that X group is lesser than and it doesn’t even mean that my choice to not support them is the best option for the greater good. To top it off, I haven’t even given X group a fair chance. Instead I just stick to tradition and the way things have always been. This was a very difficult situation I just mapped out for you but that is how easy it can be to get caught up in projecting self related ideas onto others. If we are born naked? Then who came up with clothes?

Naturally I enjoy being naked, but in the comfort of my own home of course. Growing up my dad dressed my sister and I in clothing that could be described as “Tom-boy”. It wasn’t until I began to mature then I realized “Tom-boy” clothes were better than form fitting ones if you didn’t like attention. I was an active child. I took part in dance, cheerleading, track, and even the band for a while. My parents made sure I was partook in activities as a child that would set the foundation for the woman I am today. I didn’t realize it back then.

Being active as a child, I then grew a nice and fit shape. When these changes started to occur in my figure was when I noticed that I wouldn’t be able to wear the same things as someone who was less curvy. My parents were what some would say over protective. There wasn’t too much showing off clothing that my sister and I could wear on any day. As I grew older, I understood the situation better. In a sense my parents were protecting me from people who sexualized nudity. It’s so deeply rooted that this is the norm in Western culture and many other nation. This taboo has even spread across religions. Unclothed women are often thought of as loose and unholy. This is not true. Just because these are the standards society has put in place for us doesn’t mean that we have to continue with them. Nudity is natural. We come into the world this way. I support it, but I do know the wicked ways of the world. I just wish people would point the finger the right direction the next time a woman is wearing scantily clothes and is forced to have sex with someone. She deserved it or she asked for it is not okay as a reason ever.

It’s a happy feeling when one is so comfortable in their own skin and not subjected to the sin and judgement of others. My favorite is when the naked body is used as the canvas for the artist to create art. Could you imagine a world where instead of clothing people wore art? A ritual I would definitely take part in.

The naked body was never something that symbolized lust, disrespect, taking advantage or or anything of that matter. I’m curious where this behavior came about. Then I remembered that In the Bible, before Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden they moved about nakedly. When they were without sin, they were naked, but when they committed sin they were to be clothed. When you aren’t in a place truly value the human body, really take care of it and cherish it God steps in. I can’t pinpoint one thing over another to place the blame completely. Sometimes we are forced to accept things the way they are and ponder about them with friends.

Fashion MM6 Bodysuit



Quarantine Clean Queen

So first off let me start off by saying that #Coronavirus is no joke. I have prayed many times for the world and especially now more than ever. I’m glad and grateful that my friends and loved ones are safe, doing well, and healthy. I hope that for you and your family as well. Positive thoughts and a sound mind will take us a long way in this time.

As the virus of 2020 continues to spread across the world, many of us are finding ourselves confined to our homes and only going outside if absolutely necessary. This social distancing behavior is affecting us all in ways we couldn’t imagine. Personally, I am a homebody but I will say that all of this can be quite overwhelming and sometimes causing major anxiety for me. When this happens, I usually go for a walk to get fresh air, write on my blog, or a number of other productive things that I enjoy and find relaxing.

I wanted to bring to life a concept that popped into my mind during this stay at home period. Let me just say a lot of ideas are coming to me but I also want to be smart about the actions I take and not risk my health. Nonetheless this allows me to occupy an old but very familiar space for art and ideas to grow and flourish. Ironic that my home isn’t the first place I think of when I want to create but rather nature and outside. Now I am rethinking my living space and how it’s decorated. So many ideas are flowing that I would never thought of before. I have no experience whatsoever with interior decorating so I know this process will be a fun and interesting one.

I wanted to create a beautiful and of course colorful story. I created this look using a lot of Nars products. Nars is my go to brand for makeup cosmetics. The plastic bags are a nod to recycling and practicing sustainability. I have them stashed away in my hall closet and use them for the bathroom trash.

During this time when the world is going through so much, I think that’s it’s important to find your peace. Realize that your mind is powerful and should be used for positive thinking and growth. Eat well and be well. Do unto others as you would like done to you. These are times where we have to get back grounded and realize we have much more in common than not. That is more than enough reason to live in unity and together in peace. For now let’s just continue with the Social Distancing for the greater good.


Fashion Area top, Versace pant, Gucci shoes, Alain Mikli sunglasses, Baublebar earrings, Hairpins from Marshalls

Sharing is Caring

“Sharing is caring.” I’ve literally came across two people within the last week who share similar feelings about not wanting to post to @Instagram and they’re freaking boss babes! Putting yourself out there( the world can be harsh) , sharing your private business (I’m very private and an introvert) , and even giving in to social media are all anxiety triggers for me personally. The older that I get and experience more, I am able to better cope and deal with my anxiety.
Being more open about talking to a therapist, being appreciative for loved ones support, writing out my goals weekly, prayer everyday are just a few tactics that have helped.
Be grateful for the journey. Realize how far you’ve come and be proud and also note that someone is inspired and watching you whether you choose to believe it or not. And not for nothing love yourself, trust yourself, believe in yourself. Don’t allow the opinions of others to sway or validate how you feel about self. Focus on your growth and success. Be so occupied with it that you don’t have time to indulge what people say!
Can’t wait to see what you guys share on your feed this #2020 !!! And if you need a stylist shoot me an email and let’s work! #lifestyledbycsbnyc

Sunday Funday

It was a great day taking care of business like a boss babe but also stopping and taking time to smell the roses. I mean really, I went shopping and found the best dress on sale at Maje for my friends upcoming GirlChat event. If you haven’t joined the movement on IG already, now’s your chance. Follow @Girlchatmovement on Instagram for daily motivation, empowering stories, networking events and more.

I started out perusing the sale rack because I Stan a sale on this NYC living budget of mine. There was a lot on the sale rack as it was the end of the season. I made my way through the store so peacefully, just myself and the salesperson. I love shopping in an empty store. Maje had a great variety of pieces to choose from for any occasion not to mention the fabrics and color story were out of this world. This nude striped cotton dress caught my eye because of the color immediately. I loved that it matched my skin tone. I with my stylish eye chose to wear the dress with the sleeves hanging for decoration instead of actually wearing it. It gave the dress a whole new feel super edgy and chic, but it wasn’t my choice for the event. Stay tuned for the winner! I’ll be posting to my Instagram @lifestyledbycsbnyc so be sure to post your thoughts once you see it.

From there how could I not visit the nearby Magnolia Bakery whose banana pudding is literally out of this world.  Fashion and food, count me in!

Then I stumbled upon Cover Girl’s first store ever right in the heart of Times Square. I know, I know how could anyone ever go there if not necessary. It was actually quiet and seemed like today was just my lucky day. The store was something to experience for sure. Go Cover Girl for making people want to come to shop instead of going online. The team was super friendly but also did not hover around me as I made my way through the store. Again good job, Cover Girl for creating a welcoming experience. Dana the manager encouraged me to take photos and interact with the engagement parts of the shop. Check out some pics I took of the space.

This was a day well spent in New York City. Thank you NY for reminding me why I stayed  here after so many years.


Spending time in Soho

We started the day going to soho to the Apple store. I finally saved up enough to buy myself the MacBook Air. I brought my boyfriend with me so we could spend time together too. Let me just say Soho is still my favorite neighborhood in New York City. I rarely got to explore the stores when I worked in the area. They have the best brands to shop.

First distraction of many was the Acne store. I only went in to browse and see the new collection as I had never been in the actual store. It was nice to touch the different fabrics and see the aesthetic of the store. From the outside the windows are black tinted, but inside is a magical wonderland with cool lighting and an almost optical illusion

Acne textured jacket in Old Pink

I’m really into sets and they did the most amazing unconventional suiting for women. I love sets mostly because I’m all about a wardrobe that you can maximize. For example you can wear sets all in one look to make a statement, then you can wear each piece with another item in your wardrobe. The leather accessories were also impressive. They were soft as I don’t know what. I’m a sucker for buttery leather.

Many stores we explored shared lots of bold colors for their spring summer collections. There was also lots of sheer, mesh, and cutouts. This reoccurring theme of seeing through something.

The Apple store on Prince Street was weirdly not busy. I got all the info I needed and found out Costco was running a great deal on the same model laptop and so I ordered online from them. (Update: I had a hard time placing my order. They canceled my order the first time because they could not verify my address. How crazy is that?! I thought that happens before you take my money.) Anywho, I did purchase a USB adapter for when my laptop arrives because newer models don’t have the adapter port.

This is why technology doesn’t really move me. Apple says we removed this part to make your laptop lighter but now you must buy this part separate. I digress. I am excited to get my laptop though! I got the Gold color.

My friend recommended Piccolo Cucina just past Thompson on Spring for lunch. They had a great lunch special and the food was delectable. Being that I love to enjoy food as an experience, I had to go. The place was very tiny but cozy and somehow comfortable inside. We did have a 30 minute wait in which I went across the street to Dominique Ansel Bakery just to use their bathroom because it was so tiny in the restaurant I didn’t even feel to bother. Side note this bakery is so delicious and known for its cronuts. It’s like so yummy and they have a new flavor each month. If you haven’t had one, get there early before those sweet treats run out.

So we sit and have a delicious lunch. It starts with the grilled calamari with guacamole and Carasau bread. It is the most flavorful yummy taste ever.

(Obviously I eat before my photos.)

I usually have fried calamari so I was a bit nervous of the texture but it was well cooked and so smoky and mouthwatering. The guacamole was the perfect touch and flavor. We had a bottle of red wine and enjoyed our pastas which came out in huge pots. I had Lobster linguine and my boyfriend enjoyed his pasta in lamb Ragu. For dessert we enjoyed creme brûlée. It was a great time.

I love to eat good food. I grew up spending holidays with family everyone cooking for a dinner celebration. The room filled with love and good food. This is what I love. I was very happy we waited to go to this place. Next time we will make reservations for sure.

Last stop was the fashion district as I’m working on a project and need to source fabric. I usually go to a fabric store in Brooklyn but this time I figured we could go to Mood since we were already in the city. Mood is cool but I sometimes get overwhelmed with the options.

Thankfully I had an idea of the colors and fabrics I wanted so it wasn’t so bad. There was help at every corner and pretty busy too. I love how the fashion district still exists and has various wholesale shops, fabric and trimming stores and more. This was a trimming place where you can find all kinds of trims for your designs. I love the artwork shown on the side of the building. It’s a great attention grabber not to mention iconic people.

It was a lovely day. I am also now considering taking up sewing classes at Mood. They are fairly inexpensive and reasonable even for a busy schedule like mine.



Worn throughout Vince plaid button down, H&M crushed velvet trousers, Nike platform AF1

Slip Dress Love

Slip dresses are super essential for your wardrobe. There’s so many different ways to wear this flattering style so why not have it in your wardrobe ready to go. I’m known to throw a chunky knit over a silk slip dress and go. You can also layer thin shirts underneath your slip dress for a 90s throwback vibe.

Wear your slip dress on its own for a flirty and feminine date look. I am super anxious for the temperature to get warm so I may have prematurely pulled out my slip dress but a big fur coat on top always saves the look. Some of my fav slip dresses are from Vince, Nili Lotan, and Kes.

Slip dress Antonio Marras

Shoes Helmut Lang

Coat Forever 21