Wonder Woman

I can’t remember a time where I didn’t enjoy styling. To me a fashion stylist covers all facets of styling which is why I’m annoyed when society tries to box you in. You’re either editorial or wardrobe but never mixing the two. Just another one of human’s ways telling you you can be good but not great. I choose to be great.

I’ve always been blessed with the people around me letting me know I can do anything I put my mind to but also anything that I’m passionate about. I thank God for the strong beautiful black women who have made it possible for me to go forth and carry the legacy.

From a little girl playing dress up games on my computer to styling my doll babies in different outfits, it’s truly something I find a passion through. Telling a story through a concept and truly when you wake up in the morning and put on your clothing there is a deeper thought process to why you chose the clothing that you did. As a stylist, I want to take out the superficial and fickle repertoire that fashion has built up for as long as it has existed and really get into the deeper intellectual and art form of fashion.

For me fashion has always been a way to express myself and allow others to take from it what they wish. Like the saying goes “people going talk regardless so you might as well be true to you and let them talk. “

This shoot was an amazing experience and I’m super blessed to have worked with Brooklyn bred photographer Dani B @dvn1b . She is so talented and such a hustler boss babe so we created fire. The model was amazing and a talented stylist as well as designer @MirantaGeneva and check out her line @wencozy for dope threads. The three of us banged it out and from me to you here is Wonder Woman.

A concept styled and creative direction by me. It was a fun challenge working with Miranta who is based in DC where I’m from. It was tricky going back and forth communicating closely when we could. Thank God for technology and shared notes on iphone. The Wonder Woman concept stemmed from us wanting to celebrate Woman and all the different things that women deal with and make look so easy. Women are so beautiful and strong and powerful so we really wanted to show all sides of the woman making sure nothing was left to the imagination. Also just in case you really didn’t believe in yourself, aside from styling I held it down with the makeup which I used NARS, Anastasia, and Covergirl products. We imagined it for you. So, Enjoy!

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We’re all Miss America

“The New Frontiers” they called it.  Edward Enninful would become editor-and-chief over at British Vogue making history. With models all different colors, shapes, and sizes, they all had a few things in common. They were beautiful and they would grace the May 2018 cover of British Vogue.  Mr Enninful is an amazing stylist with an exquisite taste level to put together the right formula for British Vogue to continue to succeed. I am happy for his growth and super interested to see where his expertise takes us as readers and a society.

“Its about diversity across the board – whether that’s race, size. socio-economic background, sexuality. That’s what I want to celebrate with this cover.” Edward Enninful on his meaning of diversity as British Vogue editor-and-chief.

See below for a look at some of our favorite Edward Enninful editorials below.

Black Allure Vogue Italia

edward enninful

rihanna w mag

w mag ed




Virgil Abloh to design Louis Vuitton menswear

Pretty f***** epic if you ask me! I recently went on a rant how big fashion houses are losing their foot to smaller brands who are willing to take a chance on fresh new talent. All in the same breath, it was like the fashion gods heard our cry and delivered. Virgil Abloh appointed menswear designer at Louis Vuitton, an LVMH brand ran by the Arnaults. One of the oldest fashion houses to date getting inspiration from a newcomer. Could it be the secret to staying alive is staying young and new?  Only time will tell the verdict for the Parisian fashion house.

Virgil’s keen eye for fashion and witty concepts made him cool kid on the block and we’re all eyes peeled for what he will do next. His first collection as LV’s menswear designer will be at mens’ fashion week in Paris this June. As thrilled as we are, no one seems more deserving in this time. Virgil has proven his artistic talents many times over bringing art and tastefulness into so many different realms that the human experiences. We wonder how he does it?!

Virgil proceeds Kim Jones. Jones will now head as artistic director at Dior Homme.