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Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is doing well and staying positive and thankful this holiday season. At your request, I will be posting more fashion blurbs showing my #ootd and how I came up with the look. My style is classic and polished but also changes depending on the situation. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Am I?

This was a casual day for me. I actually had a doctors appointment so I wanted to be cozy but still put together like I actually tried. LOL. Let’s be honest if we really dressed like how we felt…. Oof. But the magic about clothes is that usually when you put yourself together nicely, you start to feel nice. Shallow but true.

If you don’t have a sweater dress yet for the colder weather seasons, put it on your list. Heres a similar style to what I’m wearing, but mine is at-least two years old so I doubt they will have it. I would say opt for a less bulkier style so that you can easily layer it with other items in your wardrobe. This way you can create a lot of different looks from one piece, a sweater dress. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn this dress and in how many different ways I’ve styled it.

I layered a plush cardigan from AFRM on top to create a layered look. I wanted to keep a soft look so I stuck to sweater fabrics for this full look. It was a nice day out so I didn’t need to wear a coat. I added in my handbag to add a pop of white to warm up and add contrast to this monochromatic look. I love a good boot that can be worn multiple ways. Versatility is everything for me especially because I don’t shop often. I have a very small wardrobe, but many would think I have so many pieces because of the way I mix and match to create totally different looks.

These boots are actually pair 2. I previously had the black leather ones which I wanted again but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I opted for the sand color suede style since it’s a neutral and can just as easily be paired with most outfits. Again, versatility is usually the name of the game.

And that’s pretty much it y’all. I didn’t spend much time with jewelry or makeup. I kept it fresh faced and natural. I have my limits. Hope you enjoyed this outfit inspiration and as always if you rock a similar look, tag me I would love to see your look!

Xoxoxooxoxo, Chanel

Sweater Dress H&M, Cardigan AFRM, Boots Vince, Bag Wandler

Comfy Luxe #OOTD

Fall is for cozy fits, yummy drinks and food in pumpkin flavor, and of course playful rich jewel tones. That pretty much sums this look that I created up in a nutshell except I unfortunately was not drinking or eating anything pumpkin flavor. Sn. my boyfriend and I devoured pumpkin muffins recently, no shame and would do it again. If anyone is in New York, BJ’s has the best pastries, low-key though. I hope you guys are enjoying the season as the weather is transitioning. 2020 definitely ain’t over guys, so make sure you’re setting them goals and being intentional for the remainder of the year.

I turned a super casual, cozy sweatpants moment into a luxe but chill fashionable moment. How? Well, for starters, when going for a cozy but chic look this Fall, shoe choice is important. I got lucky with beautiful Fall New York weather, but opting for a gold strappy open toe sandal is truly a luxury here in the city. I will say heels are not the only way to elevate the cozy sweatpants, a nice platform tie up could give just the same elegance. When going for a cozy luxe look be sure to wear a more polished shoe to elevate the look. I suggest a mule, a loafer or brogue. You can certainly opt for boots just making sure they’re more dressy than not. And of course, a heel is sure to set this look off.

If you’re not sure if the top you’re wearing is dressy enough to elevate your outfit, then its probably not. Because sweatpants scream casual, it’s usually best to go full on dressy on top to elevate the look. I opted for this beautiful jacquard blazer which I got from Barney’s New York when I was the brand ambassador for their private label. I have to say I’ve experience a lot working in fashion, retail, and NYC. I am grateful for these experiences and learned a lot from them all. The most important thing I think I learned is that the roles you take on in your career do not define you. It’s always nice when you can take all your experiences and knowledge and then use it all to create a legacy for yourself, but I’m always open and willing to life’s experiences.

I love this little mini shopper from Telfar. It’s super chic and cute. The top handles fit right over the shoulders, so it adds a classy and kind of retro vibe to any look. Navy is elegant so its always a great option for a classy look. You can even opt for navy accessories at black tie events. I’m always down to support a black owned business doing amazing things. I love the fabric of the bag and also that its not leather.

So that’s pretty much the formula from turning a casual cozy look into a more streetwear elevated look. Make sure you wear a dressy shoe that compliments the look and has a dressy aesthetic. Go for a more dressy blouse, silk, button down top option to create a put together look. Don’t forget it’s Fall so layering is a great way to add depth and play around with colors and tones. I’ll say make sure the colors are rich tones so that you don’t have to wonder if they’re a good pairing. Not everyone has a stylist on speed-dial, and even your stylist should equip you with the resources to successfully dress yourself nicely for the day. I hope this inspires you to get comfy yet luxe this Fall. Create your #comfyluxe look and tag me on my Instagram @chanelbunnynyc . Also if you want outfit deets, follow me and check my latest post.

Stay well, Stay Blessed.


Fall Vibes

I went out with my boyfriend the other day. The weather was nice but a little chill. I decided to layer up for a chic elevated look. I’m obsessed with this vegan leather asymmetrical jacket which will be available soon on the site so subscribe to stay updated if you like this look. I stuck with warm tones pulling the look together with a pair of rustic orange leggings. I just love this chocolate color of the leather jacket which pairs perfect with denim to dress down this style if you want to. I kept a more polished look which I usually do, but I would def rock with jeans for a casual but chic style.

In Shopcsbnyc, Chloe, and Revolt

If you want to achieve this layered look all you need is a lightweight leather or vegan leather jacket, and a tailored vest. The softer the leather the better and easier it will be for you to layer on top, and more comfortable. I am wearing our asymmetric vegan leather in Espresso. I have to admit I was so impressed with this jacket. It’s not easy finding faux leather that is still luxe and good quality. I definitely hit the jackpot with this piece. Since the jacket was a dark brown color, I broke up the darkness with a warmer layered vest on top. This vest was perfect to pair on top because it has movement but is still structured. It falls beautifully on top of the jacket. I love the hard and soft textures of both pieces layered together. I recommend this look for Fall weather because you can easily take off and put on layers if the weather changes throughout the day.

I came across an older guy on the street. He designed an Ankh cross by using different colored pebbled rocks. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. He even gave a little history lesson which left me intrigued and eager to do my own research. Check out a few fun facts below about the Ankh.

Ankh designed by New York man

The Ankh also known as the key of life is a Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that means “life”. It is known as the Ancient Egyptian cross. It is said to protect against harmful and negative energy and spirits. Some say the Ankh resembles the connection of woman and man the top portion representing a woman’s uterus and the lower portion representing male genitals. There has been a lot of debate over time about the original cross and which one came first.

The buildings and architecture downtown are so amazing. I had to take photos!

Apparently there’s a bank. 💴

I had some Think Coffee to warm up a bit as it got cooler a few hours later. I actually haven’t had coffee in a while so I eased back into it with a Dirty Chai latte with almond milk. It was yummy and the perfect pick me up.

Coffee dates with Think Coffee and JW Anderson tote bag

It was a nice day well spent. Sometimes the chill days are the best.

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LDW Fashion

When my college girlfriend visited New York, I knew we were going to have the best time. It was Labor Day Weekend which meant an extra day on Monday to rest. I know seriously, I can’t hang. LOL. That weekend it would be four ladies, myself included, enjoying good vibes and food. We made reservations for Pera Soho, a mediterannean restaurant in downtown NYC. I suggested the place because of the lovely outside seating they had in their back terrace. I hadn’t been to the restaurant recently, but I still remembered the ambience and the flavorful meal. The evening was lovely and the food was delicious. My only complaint would be that we weren’t seated in the terrace area with the ambience I loved. The restaurant was running a little different because of the pandemic, but we were disappointed nonetheless because there were people seated in that area. We chose not to pursue our desires and settled with the outside seating on the street. It was still nice and the food was good too.

Now, let’s get into my look! I decided to give full on DIVA vibes because I don’t go out often, so when I do I just show up and show out. Deep down beneath the black and muted hues, I LOVE color. When working on personal styling projects, you can bet there will be tons of color like a rainbow explosion. I’m not kidding. I always felt like color exudes a mood and a vibe that is undeniable. If someone walks down the street, in a bright yellow outfit, you will not forget that outfit. So with that being said, my LDW look started with my fun and vibrant green iridescent Area pants.

I knew I loved these pants when I saw them. I’m familiar with the stretch lame’ fabric that the brand is known for and so I knew these pants would fit amazing when I first laid eyes on them at Nordstrom on 57th street. I couldn’t fade the price, but about a month later I saw they were on sale on the Nordstrom website and obviously that was the only sign I needed. A tailored fit with a stretch fabric to hold the booty, what more could a girl ask for?!

From there, I wanted to keep things simple because the pant was already such a statement. I layered a slinky stretchy bodysuit from Boohoo in nude underneath to keep a clean chic look on top. Then I remembered, I’m always cold. I have a lot of different jackets for various ranges of the cold. If you’re from NY you know what I’m talking about. The weather changes here more than I can make up my mind. Nonetheless, the weather often dictates to my outfits.

I had lots of jacket options, but somehow a warm burnt red cotton jacket by Sea popped out my clothing rack to me. It wasn’t necessarily the best option for keeping the look simple, but let’s be real I am not a simple woman in any way or fashion. I love the shape of this jacket as well as the puffed sleeve detail. I think its the perfect piece to throw on and take a simple outfit up a few notches. It’s super easy to wear for everyday and also easy to care for since its cotton.

Pairing my Area bag with the look was a no brainer to complete this whimsical and festive look. I finished the look with a gold strappy sandal from Topshop. I was comfortable, chic, fun, and vibrant for the weekend ! I hope you guys inspired from my look and venture into color for yourself.

Xoxoxoxoxo, Chanel$Bunny

Ways to Save Fashion

Fashion is something we all know and love. As brands grow to be more sustainable, consumers have more options to shop guilt-free. As we head into the Fall season and start to change our wardrobe, here are a few ways you can contribute to the sustainability of fashion.

These are just a few that we came up with. Do you have any that you’d like to share. Drop some tips in the comments. Thanks for reading.

Love, Chanel

Designer Highlight : A’Kenya Phillips

Hey Honey Bunnies! You’re just in time. Grab a snack and settle in. We’re chatting with the creative and founder of custom clothing brand, Lilith & Mary. Kennie not only a creative, she is an author, designer, as well as dancer. C$BNYC is thrilled to finally have time during this quarantine. We are praying for the world, and letting God take care of the rest. Now let’s jump into this convo with the lovely Kennie!

C$BNYC – You’re an amazing creative. You write, you design and even create custom pieces. How did you get started?

A’Kenya – Thank you love. I started off as a writer. I’ve been writing since I could remember honestly. I’ve always loved creating a new life for myself especially since I grew up a really lonely and depressed child. Always been a black sheep so it was my way of being wonderful without outside opinions. I would write for the girls in my class, a child’s version of erotica since I was always draw to the erotic and sensual (weird, I know but I’m a Pisces lol). Then I got to HS and lost a writing contest so I stopped for about 4 years until a tragic breakup kicked me in the ass. I started it as a blog but I was tired of looking for a job after graduation so I needed something more productive to do. One novella, two poetry books, and 4 anthology shorts later, I felt I needed to incorporate more visuals as well as explain why my image and energy is so sexual. I want women to tap into themselves completely and authentically. Too often we live in everyone else’s truth and we die unfulfilled. We shove ourselves in boxes so we aren’t judged or lonely only to settle for relationships and circumstances that don’t make our hearts sing.

C – A lot of people who don’t know you would describe your work as risqué. Art is subjective so I’m sure when you create you have your vision in mind. What would you describe your work as and how do you think that society can benefit from it?

A – My work is definitely risqué, but it’s deeper than that. People are socialized to look at expressing your sexuality outside of the bedroom as taboo and inappropriate, but what they don’t realize is that line of thinking can limit them in all areas of life. Simply being unapologetic about who you are and how you feel can allow you to tap into your personal power, creativity, and devotion and love for self. I would describe my work and my brand as a self-helping, inspirational, beautiful, artistic lifestyle. Even when people are more reserved, they find the message helpful because it gives them the confidence to listen to what they want.

C – There’s a lot of controversy with sex toys and masturbation. I know this is something you strongly support. Why do you think these things are beneficial rather than problematic?

A – From just a basic standpoint, sex toys and masturbation are extremely essential because they allow you to discover your body and exactly how to turn yourself off, they allow you to express love to yourself, which seems silly, but psychologically speaking, it tells your brain that you love and honor you first. You give love and affection to yourself. It isn’t a need that you have to go seek out in others who haven’t proved that they love and honor you. From a spiritual standpoint masturbation helps activate your sacral chakra. Your loins hold energy that not only creates physical life, but allows you to manifest the life you envision on the outside. We always say sex is sacred and special in terms of sharing our bodies with others, but never think about what that power can actually do. When you focus on the life you wish to give birth to while aroused you’re more likely to conceive.

C – What are some things keeping you sane during this pandemic?

A – I have to be honest cuz I don’t like to be fake positive or whatever, staying sane is hard like omg so hard. Especially when you struggle with mental illness and a family who you can’t connect with. I do enjoy binging my holy trinity (Netflix, Hulu, & Prime Video), I’ve been dancing nude, sitting outside in the grass, and being a mama to my new kitty.

C – I know you’ve been designing more. Is that where you’re creative energy is flourishing the most right now?

A – Yes! I’m not much of a seamstress or an artist but I get these visions of things I would like to wear or some extra dramatic costume like piece I wanna wear to the grocery store but can’t because it would cost a million dollars and I’m not there yet lol. I’ve been researching old burlesque costumes and following for exotic dance wear companies and it has me soooooo inspired. I live for a good camp moment. I wish I could live it everyday so why not fill my closet with it lol.

All photography is the work of Kennie through her different mediums of creativity. Follow Kennie on Instagram @Lilithnmary

Weekends In Brooklyn

The day started meeting up with my girl friend Jacqueline near Atlantic Barclays. She was a bit hungry and so we decided to stroll and search for a place to eat. Since NY has been opening back up, many restaurants are open to dine for outdoor eating. It was a beautiful day so of course I found inspiration all around.

Beautiful flowers spotted while strolling in Brooklyn

Mural of Kobe and Gianna Bryant . R.I.P

Eventually we came across what seemed like a good spot to dine, BK9 . They were still serving brunch at 3pm and I have to say the menu looked delicious, but I didn’t have much of an appetite. I decided on the chicken and waffles and a Rhum Sangria. Jacqueline ordered from the dinner menu because the restaurant was very accommodating even though they weren’t serving dinner at the moment.

Seated outside at BK9
BK9 Menu
Chicken and waffles and steak at BK9 😍

The owners of the restaurant that spoke to us were very friendly and kind. They told us they started the restaurant with their friends. They’re nine guys from Brooklyn all from different Caribbean backgrounds which influences the menu heavily. From a selection of Barbadian beer to Jamaican Sorrel, they were not playing with their menu offering. We enjoyed our food and headed off to the next location wherever we would land. I think we more so had to walk off the food. Lol

Dancing the food off LOL

From there we stumbled into a vintage shop. I mean it was really a hidden gem. The owner Loretta was so happy we came by and it seemed as she was probably going to leave for the day had we not stopped by. Her shop Almost New is magical and she even told us of how designers come by to shop and she name dropped Marc Jacobs as one of them. She wasn’t thrilled about photo taking because designers often knock off the designs. She has a plethora of pieces and she can literally tell you the time period of each one. The store is a small quaint little shop but it is packed with the most beautiful and well made fashions from a time ago. I will definitely be going back to see Loretta.

It was a nice day to be out and exploring. I can’t wait to show you guys the goodies I bought! Stay tuned.

Xoxoxoxo, Chanel

Shop the look

Vince band tee, Revolve legging pants, Nordstrom sandals, JW Anderson tote bag

Birthday Babes

Dinner at Bar Pitti

Jacqueline and Elizabeth are two of my lovely friends that I met while working at Barney’s on Madison Avenue. They both are stylish women and a blast to hang out with. I made reservations at 6pm at Bar Pitti in the city. The choice was fabulous and my first time going there. The pasta options were delicious. We ordered dessert to finish off our meal and it was even more delish. I would highly recommend this restaurant for dinner if you’re in New York City area.

Tirimisu, Sorbet with Coffee on top, Lemon Sorbet
Up Close of my Dessert at Bar Pitti
Elizabeth, Jacqueline stylish and beautiful

After dinner, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful night and walk through Soho. We knew it would be quiet and empty since everyone was staying home because of the pandemic. We were practicing safety precautions and wearing our masks as well. I didn’t expect to see all the stores covered with wood as a safeguard to protect their assets. It was strange to see but I’m glad we did.

Art drawn on wood put up by stores in soho to protect their stores during the protests
In the New York subway station

The message is clear as day. The violence and oppression against people of color will not be tolerated.

I opted for a fun get look for the night. A little Hollywood and a little western inspired. Click the links below to Shop my look. Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it! -Chanel

Ganni Western Cowboots Frame Poplin Shirt Dress Wandler Bag LilithnMary Corset Top Hermes bracelet Kenneth Jay Lane earrings

16 Black Owned Fashion Brands (Direct links of organizations you can donate to included)

In the height of the moments of riots, looting, and peaceful protests for the prolonged injustices and racial violence against black people in America, I am praying for peace. Peace to be still so that I can continue to walk in my purpose that God has set out for me. I am no longer living selfishly and abusing myself by working tirelessly without a purpose. We all have a legacy to fulfill and its solely up to us if we do or do not. I’d rather look back on my life years from now and say “Wow” instead of “What if”. I’m trying to be more mindful and for some funny reason the word “mindful” somehow always comes up some place in my life. I encourage you to write your dreams down on a piece of paper, have faith, do the work and actually allow things that take time to manifest. As a fashion stylist and fashion lover, I am definitely being more mindful of places and brands that I am shopping. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally love shopping cool brands that inspire me. This is why I am always really happy as a black woman in fashion to also shop a black owned brand. I’m sharing with you guys some of my favorite black owned brands right now. Check them out. Don’t forget to drop a black owned brand in the comments below! I know I didn’t get them all here ya’ll. Stay blessed loves! -Chanel

Catching up with Ashley Dezarai @ Ralph Lauren

Ashley Dezarai is the Executive Assistant of Global Showrooms, Runway Shows, and Architectural Design at Ralph Lauren. Ashley has been in role for 11 months. She is also celebrating her 28th birthday today. There is a lot she has to be celebrate and we wanted to share in her accomplishments. Not only is she excelling in her career and breaking many barriers for brown girls around the world, but she’s also a major fashionista and killing her goals in style. In honor of this queen we decided to have a chat and catch up with her since the pandemic and see how she’s holding up.

C$BNYC – Your role at Ralph Lauren currently is MAJOR. You are the Executive Assistant of Showrooms, Runway Shows, and Architectural Designs. That is major because you’re literally a pillar of their creative business. How does that feel for you and what is the experience like? I can’t even begin to imagine your day to day agenda!

Ashley – It feels amazing. To be honest before this role I never would have imagined all the things that go into creating a showroom or a runway show. I work with everyone from the designers to the florist to the contractor to put together these magical experiences. The process is ever changing, consistently adjusting and you have to be adaptable. Details are very important to Ralph Lauren as a brand and I think that’s one of the things I’ve learned from the projects I’ve worked on thus far.

C$BNYC – What are your proudest moments or achievements while working at Ralph? Time flies you’re going on your one year anniversary and also you have your birthday coming up. So I’m sure you have a lot to excited about and celebrate.

A – One of my proudest moments at RL was definitely working on the Sep 2019 “Ralph’s Club” runway show. That experience changed my life.

C- Your resume background is so interesting. I love that you were a flight attendant! That was like the most admirable thing knowing that you left your job in retail and had the fearlessness to do that with no prior experience. Do you feel like each job you had set you up for the next? What are some of your skills that you gained and sort of took away and still carry with you to this day from working in these different roles ?

A – I do believe each job I’ve had has set me up for the next. Being a Flight attendant prepared me to be flexible. I had to learn quickly and my schedule was never consistent. When I started my first corporate job at Bloomingdales that position prepared me for the business side of the fashion industry. I learned how to work with multiple teams and communicating effectively in a corporate setting.

C- What was your major in college. What would you tell your freshman in college self?

A – I majored in Fashion Marketing and Management. I would tell my freshman self “Keep believing in yourself, everything that is meant for you is already yours!”

C- Now that we are all quarantined, what are you doing to stay sane. Do you have any guilty pleasures? Binge watching anything? You make the best chocolate chip cookies! Have you been baking?

A- To keep myself sane on quarantine I’ve been digging deeper to have a stronger connection with God. I don’t really have any guilty pleasures… maybe wine lol I have not been baking as much as I would like. I try to only have sweets like once a week.

C- Do you feel that dressing the part was an important factor for the success you’ve had in your career?

A – I think it’s important to feel confident when you walk into any room and a part of feeling confident is dressing the part so yes. When you look good you feel good.

Special thanks to Ashley for taking time to share with us her success. Let’s wish this queen a Happy Birthday! @ashleydezarai


Support black lives matter