The Corner

As I sit in the corner and reflect over a beautiful New York skyline view, I am grateful for every thing. Spending time with a great friend catching up and enjoying each other’s positive vibes. This experience unconsciously reminding me of the woman I am today and the things that are important to me such as friendship and sisterhood. The views of the skyline encouraging me that the world is mine.

I’m currently rocking a vintage Versace pant suit with Fendi shoes and a jitney bag by Off White for another fun pop of color. First off let me say this was one of a few of my greatest finds at Barney’s. The tailoring of this suit as well as the fit is fantastic to say the least. The jitney bag by Off white was a pickup from who often has amazing sales on accessories and clothes. Hot pink is a beautiful color for summer and even a pop of color when paired with black and other neutrals. I personally took a risk, pairing the hot pink with the warm lime color. It paid off for a comfortable, feminine, not over the top sexy look that is perfect for day and a bold hue at night.

I paired the suit back to pink because I enjoy pops of color and fun bright looks. Color is not a go to for me on a day to day basis but I love color for a good time out with friends. I find wearing brighter and bolder hues to be a great way to boost my mood. I am so fine with a kitten heel. These Fendi ones feature and all over mesh and sculpted heel. They are super lightweight and comfy!

I truly believe the universe brought me to find these vintage Versace pieces. I was having a rough day at work adjusting to the horrible makeover dear beloved Barney’s had gotten. Big red signs everywhere telling of the latest news like a sad love song, “Good buys, then Goodbye”. Slowly the place was becoming more liquidation and less Barney’s. I decided to take a break from the sales floor to explore the other floors for clothing that was coming in from the other locations that closed and also from the warehouse since the online site shut down. (now rerouted to Saks)

Within minutes of my self care time, there they were hanging all alone. A two piece fitted Versace pantsuit in a warm lime color just perfect for my complexion. There was no price tag so I asked my manager about it and I promise you I did not break the bank at all. The price was under $100! #bestdayever #Versacehottie

Xoxoxo ,


Love, the strongest drug.

Living in NYC without family and working a hectic schedule in retail makes it difficult to stop and feel the love. So when my sister and mom told me they were coming up for a day to celebrate my birthday I was elated. It felt like forever since I have seen them and been embraced by their unconditional love. It was only a few hours drive from Washington, DC to Brooklyn, NY and so I was anxious counting down until I saw them. When they arrived I was at work so they met me down in soho. I took a lunch break the second they arrived and gave them a mini tour of soho and sent them off to lunch at one of favorite happy hour spots, The Cupping Room. Just that hour alone with them gave me enough energy to finish through the rest of my shift.

Later that night we met at my place and decided we would go to West Village for fun, just a 20-30 minute drive from my place. I got dressed while my mom and sister did their usual routine of inspecting my place and even brought a few new things spruce up the place. The Uber arrived and off we went to my Friday night birthday celebration.

First up, we head to Oppabar, a bar and karaoke joint with a cool ambience. Not to mention the fine ass dark skinned guy checking ID’s at the door. I read how the soy garlic wings are pretty major from there so I placed an order with fries. My sister got the calamari which was pretty tasty and my mom just munched from our plates. The bar was pretty good on the pockets with happy hour everyday, which we missed by the time we got there, and also special deals like $6 dollar patron shots. In celebration of my birthday, we had three rounds of patron shots with salt and lime.

I also had a cocktail drink that was made with gin called Herbal Aztec. I’m not a huge fan of alcohol but I guess the drink was good. It was strong but not too much. The bill came out and wasn’t too bad. We then decided it was time to dance. Speaking of which I didn’t find the karaoke at Oppabar nor was anyone there singing already so I didn’t take interest to inquire about it even though on the bar website, karaoke was advertised as a major deal every Friday and Saturday night.

The thing I’ve always loved about New York is that if you don’t know something there’s always a way to find out. We stop to take photos of course and after I ask another bar door man where can we go to dance. He suggested nearby Cafe Wha and off again we went. Cafe Wha, another cool spot, with a nice ambience and good vibes.

The place has live band performances and food and drinks. We were able to enjoy the show for just $15 dollars and we came at the perfect time just as the last show ended people cleared out and there was no line. As we went in the band was on break getting ready for the next set. This time my mom ordered fish tacos and raved how much more flavorful they were compared to the food at Oppabar. My sister ordered a strawberry martini and I in my true form ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. The show soon began and we were in for a treat. I do not remember the songs they performed but I do remember we all laughed, danced, and had the best night.

The service was great and they were so friendly. It felt like we were in one big house party. I’m glad I was able to show my family a good time in a short amount of time. They plan to come more often now that it was a successful first visit from them to me this time, usually the other way around. Which is significantly more of a hassle because I hate the long, and most of the time delayed bus travel via Greyhound from New York to DC.

The time we spent was so rejuvenating and refreshing. There is nothing like the unconditional love from family. I felt life breathed back into me, not that it ever left but I was beginning to feel tired. Seeing them was energizing and put the hustle all back into perspective. Why I was here in New York? That I was doing amazing and not a complete slack. I was a queen that came from queens and have the support of a lifetime. I can do anything with love the strongest drug.

I’m wearing a LBD by H&M which has a choker style and flared sleeves. The body is fitted so you can size up. I wore a vintage jacket passed down to me especially since the weather in New York finally feels like Fall it felt so right. I paired the dress with my Helmut Lang stretch leather boots to add coverage and class, not to mention how comfortable to walk in they are. I didn’t want to take away from my minimal look nor be mistaken for 12 for the one hundredth time so I slicked my hair back into a low bun and Whala! A 26th bday weekend lewk. #styledbymoi