“Made in Africa”

I’m all for supporting Africa. After all it is the motherland and one of the worlds most rich in mineral and natural resources. Not to mention a rich culture that has existed for hundreds of years with traditions passed down from generation to generation. So why does Africa as a whole continue to struggle to have wealth and proper health care and basic necessities in some parts of Africa. It is unfortunate that people from other places come to Africa to steal resources all in the name of “helping” Africa. Everyone knows that being black is lit and popping but what it really means is that society continues to oppress black and brown people all while stealing and making a profit off the very things we possess. It’s a cyclical tragedy because without the proper access to resources and basic necessities many Africans can’t even think about progressive things such as starting a business or generational wealth because the burden is so much already. The propaganda that the government continues to push has even affected some Africans to the point where they see nothing wrong with a totally foreign person coming into their native land and set up business. One I’m sure they aren’t being paid the true value of their work and two once again people are stealing from Africa. Some would argue well at least they’re trying to help. But how is setting up a business in a place that you have no idea or history with helping Africa. It’s the same with how America is the land of opportunity but yet 80% of the population are workers not business owners and the student loan debt well over a trillion dollars. Just a mouse on a wheel powering a huge machine that you have not even the slightest idea how powerful it really is or how you could have a machine of your own! If you weren’t killing yourself to power another mans machine. The system is fucked up and it is a change that starts with us. Support small business support local businesses. You and your friends come up with a plan, put money up and together and make real business moves. There is not a shortage of money in the world. Money is man made so don’t let the 1% of wealthy people in the world fool you into thinking different.

But back to the topic at hand, is “Made in Africa” the new “Made in Italy” and if so who will hold the wheel that steers this ship. If it is not an African person then who is really benefiting and profiting off of Africa??? Comment your thoughts below.


A New York Minute


As I began to grab inspiration for my next project, I wandered out to enjoy the warm Fall day as the sun kissed my skin and greeted me along the way. I went to the Soho part of Manhattan. I work in the area and know it well but I hardly get to take time and enjoy all it has to offer. It’s therapeutic and stimulating for me to see different concepts and ideas, to allow someone else’s vision to capture my imagination. It was a fulfilling day indeed. The Moncler House of Genius pop up was an exquisite unique retail experience with designer collaborations numerically ordered throughout the span of the 5,300 square foot retail space on the corner of Mercer and Spring Street.

The atmosphere was a retail shopping experience in a creative museum like gallery with small souvenirs available to purchase if the three thousand dollar coats weren’t in the budget. Gem Drops: The visuals are Instagram worthy for sure. If you happen to be in NYC and want to visit the space, they will be there until the end of 2018.

Later in the afternoon I met with an old friend for some good ole Brooklyn thrift shopping. I had never been to L Train thrift and wanted to since I moved to NY because it seemed like one of the popular places for thrifting. It was a great time and such a pleasure to get up with an old friend. There was a huge selection of stuff to weed through that filled two large floor spaces. There was even an area designated to try things on with a huge mirror in the center floor just so you can come out and have you and your friend judge the pieces. I was really out to get things for the shoot but I couldn’t resist things for myself as well. With prices like $25 for fur coats and $6 chiffon blouses I don’t know too many that would resist. I purchased a sequined evening tank, a purple chiffon top. My friend bought me a corduroy jacket in a stunning indigo color to match his. #youcantsitwithus I can’t wait to wear it with my high waisted oversized trousers and a bootie for a look.

The day ended with us heading to the bar at Dinosaur BBQ. In true fashion we drank beers and I couldn’t resist an order of the smoky sweet wings. It was a lovely day.